Areg Karapetyan

Degree program: BS in Engineering Sciences ‘23

Armen and Nelly Der Kiureghian Endowed Scholarship

Areg Karapetyan is a veteran student studying engineering. “Before engineering, I first got interested in programming. I studied in Ayb school with a focus on programming. But soon it became repetitive. I no longer enjoyed coding. I wanted something more active and creative. I tried electrical engineering and other branches in our labs. When AUA opened the engineering sciences, I applied right away,” says Areg.

Upon completing his military service in 2020 and returning from the army, Areg recalls everyone from his department being very welcoming and supportive whenever he had any questions. Although the pandemic has negatively affected practice-based learning, Areg tries to work on his skills through a project he is involved in as an engineer.

In the future, Areg wants to apply for a master’s degree and a PhD. He wants to work as an engineer and collaborate with international companies to learn and benefit Armenia. “I want to open up my own engineering company because although we have a number of IT companies hiring programmers, there is a large demand for engineers in Armenia as well.”