Fallen Heroes

Our Fallen Hero Students

These AUA students served their country with a great sense of honor and responsibility. They spent their last moments defending our homeland and our people. The passing of every soldier is a huge loss for us and the community. In their honor, AUA has established a scholarship fund to support returning veterans to continue their education and so the memory of our fallen soldiers will live on forever.

Rest in Peace, brave men.

Davit Uzunyan started his AUA journey in 2018 in our BAB program. After completing two semesters, he was conscripted to the army in the summer of 2019. Davit was a treasure both in and out of the classroom. He was an avid footballer who enjoyed participating in tournaments with his team. He was incredibly smart and mature for his age, treating everyone he met with grace and politeness. He was very quiet and shy but he spoke with intention and carried himself with dignity. It was as if Davit knew he had a bigger purpose in life than most. Davit sacrificed himself protecting his people and his nation. He heroically defended his homeland until his very last moment, as leader of their position. He will always be remembered as a hero. 

Shavarsh Muradyan was a beloved member of the AUA community and a hero for his country. He was enrolled in the English and Communications Program. Participating in the 2016 April War, he got injured and was awarded three medals upon his return: “Marshal Baghramyan,” “Aghbyur Serob,” and a commemorative medal from the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia. In 2017, with joy and excitement Shavarsh returned back to AUA to continue his education and become a qualified professional to continue making an impact in Armenia. Being the hero he was, he volunteered to go to the front line as the 2020 conflict escalated into a war, and continued to fight for his homeland. Even from the front line, he continued to serve his country with high spirits. His passing is a huge loss for our community and country. We will always remember Shavarsh and we will honor his memory. We will remember him for his bright smile that lit up the hallways at AUA, for his passion for Armenia, for his kindness, and we will remember his love and commitment to education. 

Hakob Hakobyan was a student in our MS in Economics program who fell on the battlefield on October 26 while heroically defending his homeland. Hakob was a brilliant mind, both in the classroom and on the battlefield and had joined AUA after completing his extraordinary military service in the Armed Forces of Armenia, specializing in artillery. Hakob received his BA and first master’s degrees from the Armenian State University of Economics and also earned a second master’s degree from Tartu University in Estonia in social science. Hakob had just resumed his studies at AUA as a second-year student after a year-long leave of absence. He was awarded the merit-based MoESCS scholarship at AUA. Hakob was very proud to be an AUA student and was looking forward to earning his AUA degree. He had ambitious plans and dreams of becoming a data scientist, and if not for the war, he would have been a great one.

Hakob was a very optimistic individual with a unique, contagious smile that filled the room. He stood out in the classroom as a prepared, engaged student who asked insightful questions. On October 19th, he informed the University that he had been mobilized. His brave voice resounded through his email as he proudly notified us that he had been called to serve his homeland. Unfortunately, Hakob, like many of our heroes, had a higher calling and his life was tragically cut short on the battlefield. Hakob fell in the Kubatlu region on October 26, with, according to his sister, his trademark smile on his face. He was laid to rest on October 30th in his native village of Sayat-Nova (Masis region), under the watchful eye of Mount Ararat.

Our community will remember Hakob’s courage, kindness, and his positive approach to life. His professor dedicated the syllabus of the Advanced Econometrics course to the memory of Hakob so that future generations will know about Hakob and his bravery.

Erik was in our first cohort of the Bachelor of Science in Engineering Sciences program, successfully completing two semesters at AUA. He was conscripted in the summer of 2019. Erik was very gentle and soft-spoken. He was an extremely smart, kind, responsible, and courageous young man. Besides being an extraordinary student, he was an accomplished karate practitioner. He was loved by everyone in and out of the classroom. He treated everyone with love and respect and will be missed very much. Erik’s memory will live in our hearts forever as we remember him for his kindness, bravery, and compassion. Like all his peers, Erik had dreams, hopes, and wishes. He heroically defended his homeland until his very last moment.

Areg Gevorgyan heroically fell on the battlefield protecting his homeland. He was admitted to the BA in English and Communications program in summer 2020, but did not have a chance to attend AUA before his conscription. Areg was a curious student who was interested in public relations, advertising and all aspects of communications. On his deferment document, he wrote, “I am currently serving in Martuni, Artsakh.” Rest in peace, our hero.

Aziz Aghajanyan was admitted to AUA in 2019 to our BS in Computer Science program and was immediately conscripted. He sacrificed his life to protect his homeland and his people. Aziz did not get to attend AUA before he was conscripted to the army. He would have been an excellent, vibrant addition to our AUA community. Aziz was excited to attend AUA and pursue a degree in computer science. Although he had never attended a class at AUA, he had a strong sense of belonging to the University and kept in touch any chance he had. He was looking forward to becoming a member of our community. With his degree, he wanted to become a programmer and ensure stability for his family so they could flourish. Aziz wanted to make his family proud. Now, Aziz is a hero, who has made us all proud.

Davit Virabyan was a freshman in our BAB program. He started his journey at AUA in Fall 2019 and was conscripted at the end of the semester after having successfully completed one semester at AUA. We will always remember Davit, our hero, through his kindness and love for life. He was a vibrant, gracious, and determined young man, supportive of his friends, considerate toward his instructors, and immersed in his learning. His warm eyes and infectious smile made others happy just to be around him. An essay he wrote in his freshman seminar class began with words that he lived by, “We should appreciate every moment and trifle in our life.”

Davit served his country with a great sense of honor and responsibility. His last moments were spent defending his homeland and his people. On October 12, 2020, we shared the devastating news that his name was listed in the Artsakh Defence Army’s official list of servicemen fallen in action. While Davit’s name was amongst those soldiers killed in action, his body had not been found. The entire AUA community was praying that through some miracle, our Davit would be found, alive and well. Davit’s father heroically volunteered and fought with the Armenian Armed Forces until the ceasefire. Afterward, he joined search parties and was able to bring home a few personal belongings of Davit. After many gruelling months of devastating hardship, Davit’s remains were officially identified on Friday, March 5, as one of 106 fallen soldiers. Davit was tragically martyred in early October in the region of Jrakan (Jabrayil).

His passing is a huge loss for our nation and community. His memory will live on in victory and peace. Below are a few words from Davit’s essay from his freshman seminar class:

“This mentality of ‘the last day’ makes people kinder and more appreciative of life and moments of happiness they would not otherwise notice. We should all realize that appreciating every second of our life is the most sensible thing we can do.” -Davit Virabyan