Campaign’s Impact


Arman Vardanyan (BAB ‘21)

AUA gave me and my fellow veterans the most heartwarming and generous return to campus. Due to AUA’s support and care, veterans have been able to transition from the traumatizing situations they experienced and adjust back to student life. It is beyond description what it really meant for us to be appreciated and taken care of after serving in the April 2016 four-day war in Nagorno Karabakh. AUA has always demonstrated the respect and attention to its students from all backgrounds.

-Arman Vardanyan, B.A. in English & Communications, ‘20, Recipient of AGBU Asbeds Scholarship (2017-2018) & Mario Mazzola and Lucina Cavalett Endowed Scholarship (2018-2019) Read more “Arman Vardanyan (BAB ‘21)”

Garnik Hovhannisyan (BAB ’20)

During the four-day war in April 2016,  Garnik Hovhannisyan served as a sniper on the contentious border between Armenia and Azerbaijan. He had difficulty coping with the experience but appreciated the support of AUA when he returned to campus.

“I felt very welcomed and appreciated,” said Garnik, who was born and raised in Kapan. “It was good to feel that the AUA community took care of returned from military service, that it values its students and wanted to welcome them back.” Read more “Garnik Hovhannisyan (BAB ’20)”

Razmik Khachatryan (BAB ‘20)

“AUA gave me the chance to have the best education possible in our country,” said Razmik. “The scholarships give me a sense of motivation and responsibility to fully commit myself to my studies so I do not let down those people who are funding my education.” Read more “Razmik Khachatryan (BAB ‘20)”

Sevak Galstyan (BAB’20)

As an ambulance driver during the April 2016 war, Sevak Galstyan remembers standing on the border during the gunfights, providing first aid to wounded soldiers. He recalls those “very difficult days” where he did not sleep much as artillery fired on a daily basis.

When he returned to AUA, he was grateful to have a mentor who helped him recover after his military service. He worked hard to improve his English and adjust to a classroom environment where students were two to three years younger than him. Read more “Sevak Galstyan (BAB’20)”

Ara Nikoghosyan (BAB ’20)

“My friends in the army were not afraid to die, but they were worried about their families,” said AUA student and veteran Ara Nikoghosyan. “I have seen parents who lost their children and I couldn’t imagine my mother and father in that painful situation.”

A native of Vedi in the Ararat region, Ara was trained as a tank shooter and served in the four-day war in April 2016. When the alarm sounded on that fateful day that notified Azeri attacks, he and his fellow soldiers took their rifles and equipment and ran to the tanks. Read more “Ara Nikoghosyan (BAB ’20)”

Arman Khachatryan (BAB ‘21)

“AUA helped me get my strength back and brought my interest in studying back to me,” he said, noting that a major challenge was reintegrating into the academic environment. “It was very hard to get involved on campus after being in the military for two years.” Read more “Arman Khachatryan (BAB ‘21)”

Henry Harutyunyan (CS ‘20)

AUA has some of the brightest minds in the country and it is not only a good source of academic knowledge, but also a cause of immense motivation.”

Henry has hope for the future of Armenia to become “an innovative, industrial country” through its human capital and is eager to become an active participant in the country’s civil society. Read more “Henry Harutyunyan (CS ‘20)”

Tigran Manukyan (BAB ‘21)

“I am very much inspired by the generous donations of AUA sponsors and I do all my best to give back to my community the same way. What relates to my vision of the future of Armenia, I can undoubtedly say that our generation is very talented and ambitious about their country’s welfare. As I want to become an accountant I will bring my contribution to economic development of my country”. Read more “Tigran Manukyan (BAB ‘21)”

Rafayel Ghazaryan (BAB ‘21)

“AUA helped me return to a normal life after serving in the war,” said Rafayel Ghazaryan, (BAB ‘21). “I saw unimaginable things and lived in the worst conditions but I learned to appreciate what I have and overcome the difficulties in my life through my growth at AUA.” Read more “Rafayel Ghazaryan (BAB ‘21)”

Mher Yerznkanyan (CS ‘20)

“Because of my scholarship, I can concentrate on my education and one day help Armenia,” said Mher. “I cannot imagine myself living in another country since Armenia is my motherland and there is a lot of work to be done here.” Read more “Mher Yerznkanyan (CS ‘20)”

Marat Hakobjanyan (BAB ‘20)

“AUA has helped me become more self-reliant and purposeful,” he said. “I am thankful for the tuition assistantship and I hope that after I graduate, I will be a useful citizen to Armenia and Artsakh.” Read more “Marat Hakobjanyan (BAB ‘20)”

Karotik Galstyan (BAB ‘20)

“Keeping my mind busy again with classes helped me transition to civilian life more quickly,” said Karotik, who was born and raised in Jermuk. Although his classmates had already graduated and left the University by the time he returned, he felt supported by his new peers and the faculty. “It took some time to transition back to an academic way of thinking, but AUA allowed me the opportunity to find my own voice and figure out what it was I wanted to do with my life and my career.” Read more “Karotik Galstyan (BAB ‘20)”

Hrayr Ghahriyan (BAB ‘20)

“The tuition assistance I received from AUA has allowed me to continue studying at the University. The instructors and students on campus have helped me progress as a student and I value the opportunity to use all of the advantages AUA provides and the ways in which I can improve myself to one day make my own impact.” Read more “Hrayr Ghahriyan (BAB ‘20)”

Vahe Nazaryan (MSE’17)

Born in Yeghegnadzor, Armenia, in 1988, Vahe earned his master’s degree in Economics from AUA and was subsequently hired as a tax methodologist at the State Revenue Committee of Armenia. “Through my work experience, I have realized the importance of army service and education at the same time. Those two life practices helped me make better decisions in different situations and overcome daily difficulties, preparing me for future challenges in life.” Read more “Vahe Nazaryan (MSE’17)”