Yeghishe Mikayelyan

Degree program: BS in Engineering Sciences ‘24
Edward and Vergine Misserlian Endowed Scholarship

Yeghishe Mikayelyan has been passionate about engineering since his days at Polytech high school, where he was studying math and physics. After graduation he decided to apply to AUA and develop his interest further.

As a student at AUA, Yeghishe likes the teaching methodology and how everyone has to work hard on a daily basis to develop self-learning skills and explore the field further. He also cites the support it provides to its veteran students, saying, “I think the University does its best to support veterans. I asked if it was possible to adjust some classes, which seemed impossible, but AUA made it possible. When I was in the hospital, our faculty members visited me there, which I was quite surprised by. It was very supportive of them.”

Yeghishe completed his military service in 2021. Being a patriot for me means being a professional. Especially when it comes to the sphere of engineering as it is important in every crucial sphere of a country: military, industrial, technological, and more. I hope and plan to become a great person, both professionally and as a citizen of my homeland,” he says.

Looking forward, he wants to practice his skills and apply for an internship at Mercedes-Benz as an engineer. He also wants to complete his master’s degree in Germany, and later return to Armenia and invest back into education by being part of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport.