Tigran Karamyan

Degree program: BA in Business ‘22 

Tigran Karamyan is a sophomore majoring in computer science at AUA. Speaking on his return from the military service in July of 2020, Tigran speaks about the challenges he had to face, saying, “It was hard to readjust to my old life after postponing it for two years. It was also difficult to readjust to meeting new people and different environments.” 

Before his service in Artsakh, Tigran was a freshman student at AUA exploring the field of IT, but after two years of contemplation about his future career, he decided to change his major to business, as it’s something he’s more passionate about. 

Tigran conveyed his immense appreciation for the University and the various forms of support it provides, as well as the role it plays in the lives of so many veterans, saying, I think it’s extremely important for AUA to support veterans. You can feel that they care. It’s good to see that they appreciate your service. Their acknowledgement has a big impact on us because we often think, ‘I served and came back, but no one cares,’ but it’s not the correct mentality. I want to thank the person who came up with this idea because there are so many people serving in the army and looking for scholarships. It’s very hard to obtain financial support, but unlike other universities, AUA does everything possible to support its students, and this campaign is a big step.”