Sos Badalyan

Degree program: BS in Computer Science ‘22

Sos Badalyan is currently a sophomore majoring in Computer Science. After completion of his mandatory military service, he returned to civilian life and decided to continue his education at AUA.

“I applied to AUA to study computational sciences because I think that this University is the only place in Armenia that can provide me with a wealth of knowledge in this field. It was a great opportunity for me to work harder and show my parents that I can achieve something great,” he says, adding that, “I’m very grateful to AUA because not only does it provide valuable knowledge to students, but it also provides a lot of support to veteran students. As soon as I learned about this campaign, I got very excited — I think it’s very inspirational.”

Despite taking a break from his studies for two years, Sos is determined to pursue a graduate degree. “I want to complete my master’s degree in Europe, maybe in Austria or Germany. Then I want to come back to Armenia and develop my country in the IT field.”