Aram Adamyan

Aram Adamyan is a sophomore at AUA majoring in data science. As one of the veterans who participated in the 2020 Artsakh War, he takes great pride in the contribution he made toward his homeland. Serving as a sergeant, Aram led a small group of soldiers, and gained extensive knowledge of artillery. “I felt very proud because I was doing my duty in serving my country. I believe it is very important for any citizen of Armenia to protect our country. It is a small investment. Participating in the 2020 Artsakh War was one of the most intense experiences; it taught me a lot about life,” says Aram.

Transitioning back to academic life was tough, but the support of the AUA community helped Aram keep up with his schoolwork at the same pace as his peers. Discussing why he chose to study data science, Aram believes that it is one of the most progressive fields in the world today, allowing him to gear his focus in the industry he desires, including economics, finance, healthcare, architecture, and even the military. He hopes to use his knowledge in data science as a tool to make the right decisions and build a healthier, more developed and successful country. 

Upon his return from the military, Aram was motivated to apply for internships, which led him to land an opportunity to work as a data scientist at SoloLearn, a learning platform for coding. He says, “I think the youth is the future of Armenia, and we must all contribute our efforts to see it progress. Seeing peers who have the same aspirations gives me hope that we can make a difference. I am sure I will be a part of this change. Serving in the army was only the start of my personal investment; everything will follow after that.”