Arman Armaghanyan

Arman Armaghanyan is originally from Yerevan. He finished his service in the Army in December 2020, after returning from the encirclement in Hadrut, saying, “It’s a good experience because they say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” 

Arman has many interests which stem from his time at high school when he began working in many different places, eventually becoming a graphic designer. Currently, he has chosen to pursue engineering at AUA because he has always been attracted to different mechanisms, and the working structures of artificial intelligence. “Before the war, I didn’t think I would ever attend AUA, but after the war, I began to think a little more about the future and realized that ordinary people could not influence the country’s future or the world in general. Armenians are a strong nation—we have many names that are included in the lists of great people worldwide who changed the course of history,” he remarks. Arman hopes to join that list, and in the future, help other talented students who may have financial need in providing them with tuition aid. 

Speaking on his ambitions after graduating from AUA, he says, “I hope to become a good engineer who will design a new kind of drone to help soldiers keep peace at the border.”