Vahe Nazaryan (MSE’17)

Veteran and AUA alumnus, Vahe Nazaryan, faced challenges when he transitioned out of military service and continued his education at AUA. “Adjusting from military life to university life was not an easy process and at times I felt uncomfortable and unfamiliar,” said Vahe, who earned his BS and MS degrees in Engineering and Construction from the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia in 2009 and 2013, respectively. He credits his “supportive professors and classmates” with helping him adjust to his new environment and studies.
Born in Getap community, Vayots Dzor, Armenia, in 1988, Vahe earned his second master’s degree in Economics from AUA and was subsequently hired as a tax methodologist at the State Revenue Committee of Armenia. “Through my work experience, I have realized the importance of army service and education at the same time. Those two life practices helped me make better decisions in different situations and overcome daily difficulties, preparing me for future challenges in life.”