From Risk to Reward: Davit Manasyan’s Upward Trajectory since AUA

 Davit Manasyan, MBA ‘15

Davit Manasyan (MBA ‘15) graduated from the Armenian State University of Economics (ASUE) in 2010 with a degree in finance. Upon graduation and completion of mandatory military service, Davit started working at Unibank. Throughout the course of four years, he rose up the ranks from an intern in the Risk Management Department to branch manager. 

During his time at Unibank, Davit was admitted to American University of Armenia’s (AUA) MBA program. He chose to continue his education at AUA following the advice of AUA Pillars Sarkis and Ruth Bedevian, whom he considers family.

“AUA always played a major role in my achievements,” said Davit. “When I graduated from AUA, I was promoted to branch manager at Unibank, and I believe my degree made the difference. AUA provided me with a strong support network , along with the knowledge and skills for career success, particularly critical thinking and negotiation skills. These were the critical success factors that greatly impacted my career. AUA is a lifestyle. I believe I took every learning opportunity I could at the University. I am grateful to the Bedevian family, my peers, professors, and the AUA community for everything.”

In 2016, Davit received an invitation to apply to Byblos Bank. He was accepted to the Commercial Department as a relationship manager. After changing focus to commercial banking, Davit gained invaluable knowledge taking a business trip to Beirut. He used his insight and business acumen dealing with large corporations in Armenia  and rose to the new challenges and experiences of his position. 

During his time at Byblos Bank, Davit received an unexpected job offer in the automotive industry. Having no prior knowledge or experience in the field, Davit was surprised to learn that the offer was from Tegeta Motors, a leading corporation in the automotive industry in the region of the South Caucasus. Established in Georgia, Tegeta Motors expanded by opening another company in Armenia called Premium Machinery AM LLC. After months of interviewing, negotiations, and assignments, Davit was appointed CEO of Premium Machinery AM LLC.  “It was my first experience in this field and a new challenge that is coupled with the highest responsibility toward my employer, staff, the government, and clients,” he notes. “Upon my resignation from Byblos Bank, I made several business trips to acquire all the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in a completely new environment and culture.” 

In 2020, Davit left Premium Machinery AM LLC and established his own company, Prime Motors, which is one of the major taxpayers in Armenia. Prime Motors represents the best European and US premium brands, filters, brake pads, and more. It also provides quick services to passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, and trucks. While the company started with only four employees and no warehouse or office, it now boasts twenty employees and two branches. With a dedicated team and loyal suppliers, the company works hard to provide quality products and services and maintain 100% tax transparency.

Prime Motors, Davit Manasyan’s business in Yerevan

When asked about taking risks and opportunities in the job market, Davit answered quite simply: “There is a lot of thought and logic that goes into my decision to take on new challenges and opportunities. Throughout my 10-year career, I was able to grow professionally and tried myself in different fields. Prime Motors is a startup, which allows me to gauge my successes and failures. When I see an opportunity, I take the risk. It might change as I get older, but I believe it’s a character trait. Every decision I have made throughout my career has been the right decision for me. Though I don’t know what the future holds, I believe I am in the right direction now.”