The Janine Barsam Endowed Scholarship Fund Secures the Future of a Soldier Defending Armenia today


Janine Barsam answered our call to action to support AUA’s Honoring Those Who Served: Investing in our Veterans Education campaign while she followed the current war in Artsakh. She firmly believed that supporting the future of the soldiers fighting today will secure a better life for them when these heroes return home. The Janine Barsam Endowed Scholarship Fund is designated to support these brave soldiers studying at AUA through financial aid and other support services.

Janine’s father, Vartkes Barsam, served in the United States Navy in the 1940’s. Inspired by her father’s service, she understands the meaning of supporting those who put their lives on the line to protect their nation. Vartkes and his wife Jean Barsam have been generous supporters of the University from the early years and Vartkes has served on the first AUA Board of Trustees. Janine is following her parent’s legacy by supporting AUA through this important and timely campaign.

“The Armenian military men and women are fighting for our country’s future,” Janine says. “It is so important that AUA honors our military and veterans with access to higher education made possible by this campaign. If it was not for the brave military men and women there would be no Armenia.” 

“My parents instilled in me a deep love for the Armenian culture: our customs, our beliefs and our country,” Janine proudly states. “Education was very important to my dad, he strongly believed in the power of knowledge. Through higher education and exposure to faculty from around the world, AUA positions the students with the opportunity to broaden and strengthen their perspectives to become a strong voice in the world. That’s why I believe that the future of Armenia is brillant. In addition to the scholarship, Janine has also become an AUA ChangeMaker, creating opportunities for AUA students to become change agents for Armenia. 


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