Sevak Galstyan (BAB’20)

As an ambulance driver during the April 2016 war, Sevak Galstyan remembers standing on the border during the gunfights, providing first aid to wounded soldiers. He recalls those “very difficult days” where he did not sleep much as artillery fired on a daily basis.

When he returned to AUA, he was grateful to have a mentor who helped him recover after his military service. He worked hard to improve his English and adjust to a classroom environment where students were two to three years younger than him.

“Education is the best investment because it gives endless opportunities,” said Sevak, who was born and raised in Hrazdan and plans to earn his MBA after he completes his undergraduate studies at AUA. “Being a part of AUA means to be in a proud community where education and freedom of speech are the priorities.”s, preparing me for future challenges in life.”

Sevak Galstyan is from Hrazdan. He was a driver of ambulance for 18 months of the army, and driver of the battalion commander for 6 months.
At the time of April war, he was still driving ambulance and was standing on the border. He recalls those days as really hard ones, Sevak was on the border line all day providing first aid to wounded comrades under the hard “shower” of enemy’s artillery. During those 4 days of April war he didn’t sleep at all.

When he returned to AUA he realized that he had a mentor. His mentor was his friend and peer from the first year of study at AUA. He really helped Sevak to recover after military service.
Sevak mentions that he had problems with speaking/writing English as he didn’t practice it during those 2 years in the Army. Also it was shocking experience to be in the same class with people who are 2-3 years younger than Sevak.
Sevak recalls” I have been serving among people with different levels of education and intelligence. This environment leads me to a thought that education is the best place to invest and give endless opportunities for creating the greatest value for me. Feeling a part of AUA means to be in a proud community where education and freedom of speech are the priorities”.
Sevak is very thankful for receiving a scholarship, he says “By having scholarship I gained an opportunity to work less and have more time for education”.
After graduating from the University he will definitely continue his education on MBA either at AUA or abroad.