Marat Hakobjanyan (BAB ‘20)

“The army is the place where the boy becomes a man,” said Marat Hakobjanyan (BAB ‘20). Born and raised in Stepanakert, in the Republic of Artsakh, Marat carried out combat duty during the Four-Day War and while it was an honor for him to serve his country, he shares that it was a difficult period in his life. He was encouraged by the cards and communication he received from AUA while serving in the army.

“AUA has helped me become more self-reliant and purposeful,” he said. “I am thankful for the tuition assistantship and I hope that after I graduate, I will be a useful citizen to Armenia and Artsakh.”

Marat seeks to become a part of Armenia’s development while preserving the Armenian traditions and customs, with plans to raise his future family in this same spirit.