Garnik Hovhannisyan (BAB ’20)

During the four-day war in April 2016,  Garnik Hovhannisyan served as a sniper on the contentious border between Armenia and Azerbaijan. He had difficulty coping with the experience but appreciated the support of AUA when he returned to campus.

“I felt very welcomed and appreciated,” said Garnik, who was born and raised in Kapan. “It was good to feel that the AUA community took care of returned from military service, that it values its students and wanted to welcome them back.”

A senior majoring in business at AUA, Garnik feels the University had a “tremendous impact” on his life, both personally and professionally.

“I have gained set of skills and life lessons,” said Garnik. “The courses I have taken taught me invaluable knowledge and I am sure I will grow in my field because AUA offers the best quality education in Armenia.”

Garnik plans to give back to the AUA community and remarks that he and his family are very thankful to his donors for sponsoring his education and “investing in my dream to become an AUA student.”

He wants to help Armenia in order to make “necessary” changes to his country and ensure that all the citizens have access to “education and healthcare” to create an “amazing future for Armenia.”

Garnik Hovhannisyan is from Syunik region, Kapan city. He was born and raised in Kapan. Currently, he is majoring in Business Department. This is his senior year. 

Garnik served in Nagorno- Kharabakh, Martuni 3 city from 2014-2016. He was ranked as a sniper and served in the border line. He had a very intense service in terms of serving the border line. 

When the April War started in 2016, Garnik was in the border line at that time. It was very tough and unexpected. Garnik recalls” I think that it was a little bit hard for me to cope with all of that because I had had only 100 days left until getting demobilized. I didn’t want the war to happen at all. However, it was very comforting to have all the support and encouragement from Armenia. AUA, families and friends”. Garnik emphasized that AUA has given so much support throughout this whole time.

He felt very welcomed and appreciated when AUA organized “Banaki Qef” for the returning students. It was good to feel that his university’s community took care of returned from military service and wanted to welcome them back. 

AUA has tremendously impacted on his life both personally and professionally. Garnik has gained a huge set of skills and life lessons. The courses which he has taken have taught him invaluable knowledge and he is sure that he is growing in his chosen field. Being an AUA student ensures getting a really good job in the future.

“AUA offers the best quality education in Armenia for me. I chose to study my chosen field here because the quality of the teaching, the American system, and professors are outstanding. I am proud to be part of AUA’s community and have such a huge network. AUA values its students and I am proud of that. I always look forward to giving back to AUA community”. Garnik is very thankful to his donors” I am greatly thankful for the donors who sponsor my education at AUA. I wouldn’t be able to afford AUA’s tuition fee, however due to these generous sponsors I am able to study in the best educational institution in Armenia. My family is also very thankful to all the people who invested in my dream to become an AUA student”

Garnik is looking forward to doing Master’s Degree abroad, which will give much deeper knowledge and experience to him. After that, he wants to come back to Armenia and make necessary changes in his country. He would like to see that everyone has access to education, healthcare and support. Garnik wants to be a part of this amazing future of Armenia.