Mher Yerznkanyan 

Degree program: BS in Computer Science ‘22

Mher Yerznkanyan completed his military service in Artsakh from 2015 to 2017 and was a participant in the April Four-Day War in 2016.

“I applied to AUA because it provides the best education in Armenia, and the opportunity to work with the best instructors available to explore our passion,” he says.

After serving in the army, Mher credits the AUA community with helping him integrate back to student life, saying, “After I returned from the war, everybody was very welcoming. The instructors helped me get reacquainted with the academic setting through providing me with resources and everything necessary to get back on track.”

Mher enjoys programming and engineering and wants to create software programs that will positively impact the future of Armenia. After graduation, he hopes to use his knowledge and experience at AUA to create something that will have a big influence in Armenia and the world. “My vision for the future of Armenia is technological advancement. We have the capabilities to create technological weapons but we just need to work on it instead of waiting for others to provide us with what we need. Moreover, we need to increase the number of professionals we have in different fields,” Mher urges.  

In appreciation for his donors, he adds, “As a scholarship recipient, I want to express my gratitude to my donors, as they gave me an opportunity to study without worrying about finances. I would have had to work full-time to pay for my tuition, so I am very grateful for their support.” 

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