Mher Movsisyan 

Mher is a second-year student majoring in data science at the American University of Armenia (AUA). He fulfilled his mandatory military service in Artsakh and returned to civilian life in July 2020. 

Mher’s passion for data science began in 2016 when the field was developing in Armenia and interest in artificial intelligence was increasing. Combining math and programming was very enjoyable for Mher. It was something he wanted to explore further, so he decided to learn data science on his own prior to applying to AUA. 

Mher recalls his first experience at AUA as feeling like he was part of a unique atmosphere of ambitious and like-minded people. He notes that everyone was eager to learn something new, which only motivated him to study harder to succeed in his career. 

“Transitioning back from the monotonous routine of the army was quite challenging, as coming back to civilian life hits you with a lot of information and responsibility at once. However, the support from AUA; problem-solving sessions and peer mentoring in particular, helped to reduce the overwhelming stress. I didn’t fall behind, as I was actively learning whenever I had time in the army.”

Mher believes that there is much that needs to change in Armenia, including the structure of military service, and the mindset of people and ideologies. He wants to take on a leadership position in the future and expand upon his journey with data science. Currently, he continues to take initiative creating new projects in data science.