Hakob Janesian

BS in Data Science ‘24

Armenian Educational Foundation Scholarship

Hakob Janesian is a second-year student majoring in Data Science at the American University of Armenia (AUA). He chose to pursue this course of study at AUA  given his skills in English and math, as well as the fast-growing demand for qualified specialists in Armenia.

After fighting in the 2020 Artsakh War, Hakob returned to AUA. He notes that the support from AUA staff and faculty significantly helped him along this journey. 

Hakob is determined to focus on his studies and gain new opportunities in a wide range of areas. He wants to explore machine learning and become part of companies such as PicsArt, Krisp, or SmartClick. “I think the quality of education is one of the most important factors at AUA. We have enthusiastic instructors who do their best to support you,” says Hakob. “I believe that every person who works hard and tries to beat yesterday’s limit is already making an impact on Armenia. The first step to achieve this work ethic is education; it’s about showing the same determination in academia.”

Hakob is appreciative of the support from the Armenian Educational Foundation, as he believes that education is the best field in which one can invest. “I was very grateful to become acquainted with an organization that understands the importance of my service to my country.”