Gor Ghazaryan

BA in Business ‘25

Armenian Educational Foundation Scholarship

Gor Ghazaryan is from Dilijan, Tavush region. He is a first-year business student at the American University of Armenia (AUA). 

Fascinated about entrepreneurship, Gor decided to pursue a business major with the aim of eventually establishing his own company to bring innovation and creativity to his community. In the near future, Gor wants to apply to AUA Entrepreneurship and Product Innovation Center (EPIC) with his business plan. He aims to create an apparel company which will present the new generation of Armenian youth from different perspectives and spark a movement for education, as well as mental and physical health awareness. The apparel company will offer merchandise representing these broader ideas.

Prior to returning to his education at AUA, Gor faced many challenges. On the 17th day of the 2020 Artsakh War, he was wounded and spent three months at the hospital. After six surgeries on his arm and leg followed by a lengthy rehabilitation process, he was finally able to walk again. “AUA certainly helped me throughout this journey,” says Gor. “I felt the welcoming nature of AUA from the professors and the overall environment. The University counselors organized a trip to Aghveran. I had an amazing time there and got to make new friends. It helped me form a bond with AUA. Our University has a very supportive environment, and I am happy to be part of it.”

After graduation, Gor wants to apply for a master’s degree in entrepreneurship to gain the knowledge and network essential for creating  a startup. He aims to establish an educational center in the regions to provide courses and resources which will help students apply to their desired universities. “I can never run away from the urge to be in my hometown, to work and share my skills and knowledge there. I would be thrilled to start my own company in Dilijan. It’s where I most love to be,” says Gor. “It was a great relief and another hand of encouragement to receive the Armenian Educational Foundation scholarship. It meant a lot, especially for a student from a region. I am lucky to have this generous support.”