Erik Nuroyan

Degree program: BS in Computer Science ‘22

Erik Nuroyan applied to AUA to study as a computer science major because he wanted to combine his passion for English and Math. “Here at AUA, I enjoy being surrounded by people with the same interest, such as the students and instructors, who try to make the most difficult courses easier to learn. 

He completed his military service in 2019, and says, “AUA played a big role not only in my current occupation, but also in my transition back to academic life. Coming back was hard, but after the help of the instructors, who provided me with necessary resources and materials, I was able to get back on track quickly.”

Erik worked with the AUA-PicArt Artificial Intelligence Research Lab, where he learned a lot about new AI technologies, deep learning methods, and classic image processing. He appreciated the opportunity created by the organizers of the lab because it gave him a chance to get acquainted with more people.

Currently, Erik works as a computer vision engineer at PicsArt. Regarding plans for the future, his main goal is to broaden his knowledge in computer vision and develop soft and hard skills. He believes that any kind of knowledge that can be implied in the security and defense system will be very impactful for Armenia.