Aram Astsatryan

Degree program: BS in Computer Science ‘24
Veterans of Armenia Scholarship

Aram Astsatryan has been interested in computer science since high school. After taking several programming courses, he decided to pursue higher education in this field. With the advice of his parents, Aram applied to AUA because of its reputation for providing quality education in Armenia.

All of Aram’s expectations were met exactly as he envisioned. The professors and staff who are always ready to help, the unique methodology of teaching, and the open environment were some of the factors that he credits with helping him get on track with his studies after serving in the 2020 Artsakh War and completing his military service in 2021.

“I know that veterans are offered counseling services at AUA, which is very important and helpful to have available at a university, even if people don’t utilize it initially. I personally feel the support and warm welcome from everyone, and especially the instructors who are doing their best to help us readjust,” notes Aram.

Aram is focused on his education and on gaining the necessary skills for the job market. He believes that theory should be applied to practice in order to improve the learning experience, especially in the field of computer science.